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Knorr Soup Deli Salmon & Spinach Cream Soup - TokyoMarketPH

Knorr Soup Deli Salmon & Spinach Cream Soup

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  • 41.2g
  • Knorr soup DELI" is ingredients such as pasta and bread, tangled well into a thick soup, is a series that there is to eat Gotae. As dish meal that is added to the lunch, also served as a light meal by itself. Leave Pour the hot water of Gotae eat in 1-3 minutes soup of the container and tighten easy easy easy. The taste is entwined spiral pasta in Trolli soup, it is to eat soup. Salmon and cream tailoring plus a good spinach conservative and soup, delicious served with round and round entwined in pasta. Salmon, spinach, cream is a popular combination of good pasta and compatibility. It is ideal for lunch or snack, supper of home or office.


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