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NITORI Two Hands Pot Red 24cm for IH (UMAMI)

NITORI Two Hands Pot Red 24cm for IH (UMAMI)

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  • Highlights:

    • IH 200V/100V, gas flame compatible
    • Ceramic-coated two-handed pan with excellent durability and corrosion resistance
    • Ceramic coating on the inner surface makes it easy to clean
    • Thick-bottomed design transfers heat slowly, making it ideal for stewed dishes.
    • Can be used directly at the table after cooking. The handle has a silicon cover for easy carrying.
    • Remove the silicon cover when heating, and attach it when carrying.


  • Materials:

    • Quality labeling [Casserole].
      Body: Aluminum alloy
      Bottom: Stainless steel (chromium 16%)
      (Thickness of bottom 0.1")
      Other materials
      Handle cover: Silicone rubber (heat-resistant temperature: 446F)
      Surface finish
      Inner surface: Ceramic coating
      Outer surface: Baked coating
      Full water capacity: 57oz
    • Quality Indication [Glass Lid]
      Product name: Tempered glassware
      Type of tempering: Physically strengthened on all sides
    • Other Materials
      Knob: Phenolic resin (heat resistant temperature: 302F)
      Rim ring, steam hole: Stainless steel


  • Precautions:

    • This product is made of tempered glass that is resistant to impact, but not heat resistant.
    • However, it is not a heat-resistant glass, so do not pour water or a wet dish towel on it when it is hot to cool it down rapidly.


  • Dimensions:

    • 9.5"W X 7.5"D X 4.7"H