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NISSIN Instant Ramen Salt - TokyoMarketPH

NISSIN Instant Ramen Salt

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  • 480g
  • 5 packs
  • Noodles are made with whole wheat flour from Hokkaido. Soups also have a local taste!
  • Asahikawa soy sauce - A double soup rich in pork and seafood flavored with the taste of Rishiri kelp from Hokkaido. By adding seafood stock, lard, and soy sauce flavor, the taste became even deeper.
  • Sapporo miso - A rich soup with the flavor of Hokkaido Brewing Miso. By adding the scent of fresh ginger, it has become even more flavorful.
  • Shio Hakodate - A rich soup with the deliciousness of Hokkaido scallop dashi. By increasing the flavor of scallop dashi, it became even more delicious.


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