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Knorr Soup Deli Shrimp Tomato Cream - TokyoMarketPH

Knorr Soup Deli Shrimp Tomato Cream

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  • 41.2g
  • Knorr soup DELI" is ingredients such as pasta and bread, tangled well into a thick soup, is a series that there is eat withstanding. As dish of the meal to be added to the lunch, also served as a light meal alone it. Some soup tighten easy easy easy of Gotae eat in 1-3 minutes by pouring hot water remains of container. The taste is entwined spiral pasta to trolley soup, it is to eat soup. The shrimp taste is entirely dissolved's tomato cream soup, served on the round and round entwined in pasta. By adding tomato, was clean finish a thick cream soups. It is ideal for lunch or snack, midnight snack of home or office.


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