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KEWPIE Tartar Sauce

KEWPIE Tartar Sauce

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  • 260g
  • While the Japanese condiment producer Kewpie is famous for its mayonnaise, its tartar sauce is also a must-try product for you especially when you are having deep-fried dishes.


  • This Japanese tartar sauce has a robust and tangy flavor that is a blend of egg, onion, and pickles. Its rich taste, mild sourness, and umami are irresistible.


  • It goes perfectly with any kind of fried seafood dishes including deep fried white-fleshed fish, fried shrimp, and meuniere, but also pairs well with meat dishes like karaage fried chicken, tonkatsu pork cutlets, and chicken nanban (deep fried chicken dipped in a sweet-vinegar sauce).

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