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HOUSE Stew Mix on Rice Chicken Fricassee - TokyoMarketPH

HOUSE Stew Mix Chicken Fricassee

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  • 160g
  • It is a cream stew which goes well with chicken and rice.
  • Contents;160g(5.64oz)
  • Directions(For 8servings);
  • 160g this solid stew, 600g chicken, 300g onion, 100g mushroom, 550ml water, 300ml milk.
  • Fry the skin of chicken until golden broun, and then turn them with onions and mushrooms well. Pour water, and when it comes to a boil, remove the scum and cook them. Then stop the fire once,and add the solid stew in it. Simmer it over low heat for 5 minutes again. Add milk, simmer it for 5 minutes further. You can add boiled broccoli finally.


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